Is it too early for reflection?

We are reaching the end of 2009 and for me the end of the year always brings about a moment of reflection. 2009 has been a good year for me; I released my debut album, got some great reviews, DJed all around Europe, signed a publishing deal and gained lots new fans.

I started the year with a lot of goals and although I met quite a lot of them, there are a lot that I did not meet and these will now carry over to 2010. I guess one of the biggest things I want to achieve is finding a way to take ATP out and about as a live show. Sadly at the moment I don’t have the equipment I need to pull it off, so need to keep saving. There is no point doing it unless its going to be good.

Next year is a big challenge for me – I am going to be releasing a new EP. The EP is pretty much finished – just a few tweaks to make and then I will get it mixed and mastered with a view of getting it out there in Spring-Summer time. I am going to be hitting the promotion hard and hope to get more reviews, more radio play and make more new fans.

I also want to find a way of DJing at some festivals – so if you know anyone who can help – please let me know.

I also want to take this ‘time of reflection’ to thank anyone who has listened, purchased, played or enjoyed my music. As a musician you need fans, you need people to listen to, and play your music and buy your releases, and you also need a lucky break every now and then.

At the moment I feel like I need this break in order to reach the next level. Maybe that break is round the corner?

One other thing I forgot to mention above was the theme tune I made for the eBook version of ‘Who Goes There?’ by Nick Griffiths. You can buy the eBook >> Here!

It’s a great product – the book is brilliant and I highly recommend getting a copy, also check out Nicks other books as he’s a great writer and any of them would make an ideal Christmas present.

That gives me an idea … maybe my next post will be an ATP recommends Xmas Gift List? Hmmmmm…. 😉

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