We move with brave steps

2010 seems to be flying by. It’s almost the end of month two and I am pretty sure month 3 is also going to fly by. I am not a massive fan of the post-Christmas pre-Summer time, but today I am starting to get the feeling summer is on the way and is going to be a good one.

Things at ATP towers are plodding along well. The new EP is mixed, mastered and the artwork is being worked on at the moment by my good friend Gav. The plan is to get it pressed ASAP and have it out for sale in the Summer.

One of the other things I have been thinking about is a series of ‘Pigeon Parties’ throughout the summer – basically little gigs/club nights with all kinds of things going on. I used to promote gigs in the old days so I am looking forward to setting up something new. Exciting!

As always if you know anyone looking for a DJ or a band needing a remix – get them to give me a shout 😉 x

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