Costa Rica

Yesterday I got back from two weeks in Costa Rica. It was an amazing fortnight and a hell of a lot happened – hospitals, theft, broken down cars at the base of a volcano etc.

The downside of the week was Mrs Pigeons passport (and a shit load of other stuff) was stolen and she ended up having to fly back via Spain on a new flight as the US wont allow people to travel through the county on emergency passports. Even though on the way through we had to have our hands, feet, eyes etc scanned and logged. Anyway – I am not going to go into all that.

The country of Costa Rica is beautiful – if you have never been – I suggest going.

I have come back to a flurry of LP1 sales which is always nice and the new EP artwork is all finished – so I can get that sent off to get produced in the next couple of weeks.

At the moment although it seems like years (or months rather) away I think the release date will be August 2010 – There will be a launch party and a whole host of promotional activity.

I have also been writing to some songs – and I mean proper writing with lyrics – melodies – and stuff rather than purely electronic stuff – I think a new 4 track EP of very different sounding material could surface before the end of the year 🙂

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