On Wednesday of this week (28/07) I am having a major back operation. The operation is to remove a prolapsed disc and fit a little gadget in me called a Wallis Ligament.

My back problems started five years ago when lifting a guitar cab badly, at the time my back went in to total spazam and after a few weeks it got better – however it never fully recovered.

A few years ago I went to the doctors and they sent me to get physio at the hospital, but after 3 months of that it did not help. So last year I went back to the doctors and got referred to a specialist.

This ‘specialist’ told me that I was most likely imagining the constant pain I was in and was a complete idiot, I did get referred for a MRI scan which came back showing actually how bad my back was.

So it was a fair few months ago I got told I would be having an operation and now, it is days away.

I am nervous and not really looking forward to it – the recovery time is 6 weeks flat on my back and it will take 6 months to fully recover from the operation.

However I hope that soon the pain I am in everyday will improve and it will all be worth it.

I’ll update you when I am back home after the Op … 🙂

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