Two Thousand & Twelve

Hello Pigeon Lovers,

Hope you all had a great festival holiday period and enjoyed the last few weeks. I did.

I have however been very busy over the last few weeks writing press releases, making promo cd’s and updating mailing lists galore.

I am almost ready to send out the promo copies of ATPLP2 > SINGLE 1 to national and local DJs and am really hoping for good things with this release.

These should all be send out by next Monday which will then lead me onto the album promotion.

The single is released on 5th March and the album is out on 23 April. Still seems a while off but believe me that’s no bad thing considering how much promotion work I have got ahead of me.

Keep checking out the ATP website for news regards buying the single/album over the next few weeks.

Happy 2012 x

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