How was 2012? What does 2013 hold?

Each year I do a mini ‘review / appraisal’ of how ATP has done over the last year against the hopes / aims I set the year before.

This time last year I wrote a ‘reflections & aims‘ post and the general aims I set out where to successfully release ATPLP2, play more gigs and do a tour.  I managed to do 2 of 3.

ATPLP2 was released in April 2012 and was a success, it spawned 3 singles – all of which got national airplay. It sold well and although I would have liked more reviews, the ones I got were very good.

I did no gigs from Jan-June 2012 – this was so that I could re-work the live set and also spend time promoting the album.  But from June onwards I had a pretty good run of shows. A lot of them were in odd venues or settings but it all added to the experience.

I also got to play at some excellent festivals like Blissfields, SoCo Fest and Southsea Fest.

Alas, no tour – but all in all – a good year.

Now onto 2013 …..

New Music

I am planning on having a slightly different year in 2013.  There wont be a new album, I cannot see that coming out until 2014/15. But I have got a new 4 track EP which is waiting in the wings.

It’s having the final mixes done at the moment and I hope to have it mastered before the end of the year with a release around Feb – March time.

Following that I am going to release 2 or 3 ‘one-off’ singles.  All are in the demo stage at the moment and they will only be released as singles and not appear on any albums. The current aim is to have them out in Summer – Autumn and Winter and ideally I would like someone else to release them, but I shall see what happens there.

The other thing that may or may not happen is me doing a soundtrack for a film … 😉


I am really hoping to do more and more live shows in 2013. The overall hope is to get out to towns & cities I have not played in before, maybe as a tour.  As a side to this I would love to get a support slot for a tour.

The other hope (as always) is that I get to play at festivals.  My music works really well outdoors – I used to think it was best tucked away in a dark club, but being on a stage outside (even in a dance tent) is the perfect setting.

The live set will continue to evolve with new material, more improv elements and hopefully new kit during the year. I may also start doing a few DJ sets again.


So there are my aims for next year – they are simple – a few successful releases, more shows, tour, festivals, new fans and a hopefully general step up the old musical ladder.

To see how I do – check back this time next year 🙂 

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