New Release – Full Fancy (free EP)

Full FancyHappy Halloween Folks.

Today I am releasing a new EP called ‘Full Fancy‘ featuring 8 tracks which you can download for free from my Bandcamp page.

The tracks were all recorded over the last year and most of them were previously released as either B-Sides or One-Off tracks.

I wanted to collate them all together as one release, as I like to keep things nice and tidy.  I have listed the full track-listing below with a little insight into each track and where it originally appeared.

1. Throwing Nightmares (no more room mix)
The original version of ‘Nightmares’ appeared on this years Get Amongst It album.  I decided to give it a bit of a rework and an extra special Nightmare/Halloween feel for this release.

2. Smokey Joe
This track was originally released last September. It was a dedication to my cat Smokey who sadly died after being hit by a car.  It was a track I was working at the time he passed away so I finished it and released it in his honour.

3. Summer’s Over
The B-side to ‘The Inherent Racism of Doves’ which was released earlier on this year.  In a rare instance it features my voice on it.

4. An Afternoon In The Gardens
On an Autumn afternoon in 2011 I sat in the Pavillion Gardens, Brighton after work and whilst there I started recording the local buskers.  A few beats and melodies later this track was finished.

5. RSD2012
On Saturday 21st April I woke up at 3am and headed into Brighton to get into the queue for the 2012 Record Store Day.  I arrived in the queue at 4am and this song was made in those cold early hours whilst waiting for the record shop to open.

6. BOOM!
The Summer single ‘Jaffa Clown Dog’ featured BOOM! as a B-side. It almost ended up on Get Amongst It but in the end it just did not sit with the rest of the tracks there.

7. Dark Forest
Dark Forest is in essence a remix of the Frank Turner track ‘English Curse’ which appeared on his ‘England Keep My Bones’ album. Frank’s track is an acapella track and the lyrics are based around the New Forest and Rufus The Red.

I made this remix whilst I was camping in my camper-van in the New Forest which felt very apt.

8. Jaffa Clown Dog (Live @ Blissfields 2012)
One of my favourite gigs of the year was this years Blissfields Festival. This is a live version of JCD recorded there.

So there you go …. Hope you enjoy the tracks and as always please spread the word.

Download ‘Full Fancy’ for free from Bandcamp

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