It’s time to spread my wings … ATP:RIP

You are the music, while the music lasts – T.S.Eliot I originally started Amongst the Pigeons as a joke back in 2004.  It was a name I created to chat on a music forum and soon after that I started making songs.  They were not very serious and looking back on it, most of themContinue reading “It’s time to spread my wings … ATP:RIP”

News: ATP.VS.XMR.EP / brand new song – released today

Over the last 4-5 years I have recorded a number of tracks which feature guest vocalists, people such as Frank Turner, Chris T-T and Beans on Toast have all lent their voices on my songs; all 3 of those guys are on Xtra Mile Recordings. This year XMR turned 10 years old and they areContinue reading “News: ATP.VS.XMR.EP / brand new song – released today”

New Release – Full Fancy (free EP)

Happy Halloween Folks. Today I am releasing a new EP called ‘Full Fancy‘ featuring 8 tracks which you can download for free from my Bandcamp page. The tracks were all recorded over the last year and most of them were previously released as either B-Sides or One-Off tracks. I wanted to collate them all togetherContinue reading “New Release – Full Fancy (free EP)”