Who Am I?

Hello Blog Lovers

I was looking around the vast seas of the internet earlier trying to see where I am on Google listings and I came across a Blog by a lady who likes cats and is called Fabpanted Emily. The reason I am writing about this is that she has actually written a post about me, as in Amongst The Pigeons.

I feel rather flattered that someone has taken the time to write about me in a most positive manner. I think the main jist of the post was to hazard a guess at my identity.

It is true that the internet has come up with a few random suggestions such as Moby, Mylo and even Britney Spears. All of which are flattering but far from the truth.

I have posted Emily Fabpants blog link below, so please go and have a look for a more detailed version of her writing. I myself may comment on the post.

But as for who I really am … well that can wait.


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