Amongst The Visions

For quite a while I have wanted to make some music videos for my songs and last night I finally got round to doing the first one. It is for a track called Trouble on the Deathstar which will be track 4 on Music to Brush Your Teeth To.

At the moment I think my debut LP MTBYTT will not be released until 2009. I only have about 3 songs to finish, (the album has got 18 tracks on it) and once they are done I would like to give a few copies of the album to my close friends to listen to. I wont listen to it for a month and then revisit it to make sure the songs sound as good as they can be.

Whilst in bed last night I thought I may one day explain a bit about each of the 18 songs in the form of blogs, maybe I will do that during the winter months.

Anyway more on MTBYTT at a later date – for now its all about this video which, is the first of 18 I intend to make – one for each track on the album.

People who know me (yes some people do) will know that I am a Massive Star Wars fan and this track is a kind of tribute to that fact. I dont want to write too much about the track as I will do that during the ‘track blogs’ later in the year. The video basically features footage borrowed from Episode IV A New Hope and focuses on the destruction of Alderan and then the destruction of the DeathStar V1.

I quite like the way you see the Deathstars power and potential in the destruction of a whole planet, and then its weakness via an isolation duct, I mean come on. If you were building the Deathstar you would make sure it had no weaknesses, let alone one that was so easy to attack.

I digress …. as I so often do.

Here is the video (embedded from my youtube site) and I hope you like it

One thought on “Amongst The Visions

  1. Now that is something special. Do I have to leave the delightful hypnotic trance that I’m now under? I think I might just watch and listen again and risk being lost forever. Come and save me if I’m dribbling into my keyboard with happy swirly eyes this time tomorrow.

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