Switched On – Amongst The Pigeons: Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance

A lovely review of the new album here from Arcana.FM



reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

‘We need to save humanity, because no one else will’. The stark outlook at the beginning of Daniel Parsons’ third album as Amongst The Pigeons sets the scene for a 12-track salvo against the choppy waters we find ourselves navigating. It is a first-hand response to the pandemic, the destruction of the environment, social and racial injustice, and much more besides. It is delivered through his own inimitable set of gadgetry from a garden shed outside Worthing, with home-produced music whose message travels far and wide.

What’s the music like?

Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance has an extremely satisfying structure, featuring a raft of carefully chosen electronics but with Parsons’ own voice opening and closing. Some of the track titles are clearly borne of the last year – N.V.O.D. especially. Standing for Natural Vectors Of Disease, this track collaborates with

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Playlist – Amongst The Pigeons: NOISE WILL BE TAKEN AS REJECTION

I made a playlist for Arcana.FM. Go have a look.



It is our great pleasure to welcome Amongst The Pigeons to the Arcana playlist section for the second time, with a new playlist NOISE WILL BE TAKEN AS REJECTION, a companion to new album SILENCE WILL BE ASSUMED AS ACCEPTANCE, released on Friday 7 May.

Amongst The Pigeons is the avian moniker for South Coast producer and performer Daniel Parsons. The new album is a passionate response both to the Coronavirus pandemic and those overseeing the response, and the playlist captures its sentiments as well as celebrating the wonders of the natural world. Not to mention good music!

Daniel gave his thoughts on each track in the playlist, which can be accessed at the bottom of the page:

Beans On ToastProtest Song
In many ways my new album is a ‘protest album’ so we open with this track by Beans on Toast.

Hannah PeelEmergence in nature
This is…

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Review: Amongst The Pigeons – Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance

The first review of my new album …

iniquitous glory

Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance is the fourth album by eclectic electronica artist Amongst The Pigeons. The album was recorded in his ‘shedio’ between the summer of 2019 and the winter of 2020; a period of time which saw global lockdowns, international protests and upheaval in just about every aspect of daily life. That is very much reflected on the album, with lyrics from a number of guest vocalists referencing key movements, events and themes of the last year or so.

There are two ways to listen to Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance – try and decode and decipher every track and every lyric, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. Both approaches have their merits and are equally enjoyable. It is an album of big themes and Amongst The Pigeons doesn’t shy away from tackling big topics which is to be applauded; indeed it would be…

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Album 4 is coming

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