A new look

Hello and welcome to the all new ATP website.  It has been over 5 years since I last updated the look and feel of the site and decided that with a flurry of activity planned for 2019 now would be a good time to freshen things up a bit. I imagine there will be a … Continue reading A new look

Time passes

Hello folks,It's been quite a while since I did a news update and that is because I have not really been active as Amongst The Pigeons over the last few years.That will be changing in 2019 though!For now I am in the process of uploading my back catalogue to Digital Services but there will be … Continue reading Time passes

Close my eyes EP – Now out

Hi FolksThe full 6 track 'Close my eyes EP' is now available to listen to and download.Enjoy .... If I close my eyes I am worried I will fall asleep and not wake up againToday, we all grew a little bit wiserTo Victoria - With LoveDig DiggerThe Camden ShuffleTangled Headphones