Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a lovely festive period and are set for an exciting 2020. This year my main focus is on getting out and playing as many shows as possible. I put a post up on FB / IG saying I am actively looking for gigs … Continue reading Happy New Year

Interview with Arcana

A couple of weeks ago I went for Hot Chocolate with Ben from Arcana and we had a little chat about my influences and how I made Those Stolen Moments. You can read the interview here: Talking Heads: Amongst The Pigeons

Inside Tracks: Amongst The Pigeons – Those Stolen Moments

An exclusive track-by-track interview with Further Evidence


It’s been seven years since the last Amongst The Pigeons album, and five years since Daniel Parsons decided to call pest control and exterminate the ATP project. After a spell working in the duo Exactly Zero, Daniel found himself idling away the time in a local café and before he knew it he was donning his characteristic pigeon mask all over again, and Those Stolen Moments was the eventual result.

In this exclusive feature for Further., Daniel talks us through the nine new tracks on a record that is distinctively ATP but more acutely focussed on its creator’s own instincts rather than deploying guest vocalists. It is a record of continually-evolving electronic juxtapositions and thought-provoking contemplations on how we spend that most undervalued of commodities – our personal time.

Happy Beginnings

The album opens with ‘Happy Beginnings’.

The track started out as an instrumental but it never felt finished and…

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